It has been a joy and inspiration to watch my parents ministry grow.  they are true to their calling and true to God’s Word.  They have touched so many lives including my own, I owe them so much!


Thanks so much for sharing, Tom and Cee Jay!!! We love and appreciate your awesome inspiring words of TRUTH and LIFE. Every single time we see you, we leave feeling re-inspired, encouraged, and more courageous than before in the Power of GOD, who indwells us. God bless!! See you soon 🙂 Maybe sometime we could get together for another great chat…maybe even something to eat. Whatever works. Thanks again for the blessing you continue to be in our lives and the lives of many others!

Julia & Ben

My dear friends in Christ, Tom and Cee Jay;
I praise my loving Father in Heaven for sending you into my life.  For helping me to get free from a guilt that I carried for over 70 years.
Love Hope;
(South Africa)

I have a wonderful testimony to share about our Life – Shaping session.  I met with you both and if you remember, I said I smoked, and when you ask if I would like to quit, I said yes.  Anyhow, by Thursday I quit cold turkey!  I have not smoked since.  I had battled this smoking addiction for 27 years quiting along the way, but this time it is for real, an end to a long addiction.
More  people need your life – shaping sessions!!!   What a God send and blessing you two are to be so obedient to our Lord!!!  I thank God for the Love, light and healing that shines through you both and touched my life and so many others.  I am praying for your continued peace, love and never ending prosperity!

Love Always,  Lynda

Dearest Tom and Cee Jay, Thank you so much for taking time to minister to us.  I have been set free from the fear of flying.  I flew three flights by myself with Gods grace.  Your words of encouragement are still impacting our lives for the Glory of God.

We love and appreciate you both, Gina

Your ministry was a real blessing to the entire Church, if we can do anything for you or be of help in any way, just let us know.

Pastor Jim

It is an honor to tell you about John 3:8 Mobile Ministry and Tom and Cee Jay.
Living in northern Michigan has not stopped them from making John 3:8 Mobile Ministry, mobile.  From north to South, east to west, wherever there is a calling, they are there walking in obedience together.
The lord has orchestrated countless visits with Tom and Cee Jay and used them to strengthen my relationship with the Lord, and help me to discover the road to abundance and victory in Christ Jesus.  They have poured truth into my life from high school through college, and into my marriage.  And through them I came to know about Life-Shaping.  What a powerful tool of the Lord.
I must tell you that if you ever find yourself in their path, truth will be delivered to you, the love of Christ will be freely shared, and you will be ministered to.  I can promise you this, whether you are ready for it our not.
You will be abundantly blessed to have met them and spent some time with them because they truly are about the things of the Lord in every way.

Cayman Island, (now Australia)